Asbestos Removal

An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a report prepared for a real estate property that identifies existing or potential environmental concerns which could be a liability for a property owner. An ESA report includes research and reporting requirements in accordance with industry standards to support the property owner, or prospective purchaser for the innocent landowner defense. Often an ESA is required by a lending institution prior to the purchase of commercial property or when the property is refinanced. It can also be required when the use or other discretionary land use permit changes or it can be required by a regulatory agency that suspects toxic conditions on the site may exist.

There are three separate levels or phases to ESA's. The Phase I is a non-intrusive survey depending upon records search and site observations. A Phase II ESA is an intrusive survey where samples of soil, groundwater or building materials may be collected and analyzed to determine if the property is contaminated. A Phase III ESA is an investigation involving remediation of a site. This phase may involve more intensive testing to determine the boundaries of contamination, and normally includes assessment of alternative clean-up methods, costs, and logistics.

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